Sometimes I like I mess with my hair and then edit pictures. #vscocam #tuesday

Twist ice cream. Cookie dough. Caramel. #yumm #dq #rainydays

#beauty God created this and said, “I’ve got something better. Let’s create man!” #wow  (at Brookhill Golf Course)

You are my very favourite track of my life’s mixtape
10 word love story (via stumblingintolove)

Isaiah 12:2 #trust


The world may never understand you. I know being misunderstood may cause you to keep to yourself, and make you feel like you’re all alone. But in all things, I know this to be true: God knows your heart. Your enemies may think of you as something you’re not, and even your friends may not always get you, but God does. Be straight up when you tell Him what’s on your heart, for He already knows what is there. After all, He is the One who created it.